About the Company

Since its establishment in 2013, Industrial Moving is the leading company in Bulgaria in the specific sector of ‘Moving machinery and production equipment’. We were the first in Bulgaria to install the production facilities of significant foreign investors in sectors with high added value such as: medical, aviation equipment and automotive. Making their first steps in Bulgaria, the following companies trusted us and we built partnerships with: Latecoere, Fujifilm, BHTC, Cambro, Wili Elbe, Sensata, Kostal, Ariette, Spinner, Sihn, АBB and many others.

Thanks to the extensive international experience gained in working with our friends and partners from Harder Logistics, in the productions of: Bosch, Daimler, Fendt, Airbus, Magna Powertrain, Krones, Liebherr, Valeo and many others, we implement and apply the highest standards in the safe international or factory disassembly, moving or installation of production capacities.

Currently, the team of Industrial Moving LTD consists of twenty people direct staff – mechanics and electricians, and the available equipment we have allows us to lift and move machines up to 32 tons.