Project description

Our employees have been trained in Germany by excellent specialists and have encountered a variety of situations. This, in addition to immaculate training and a foundation related to the specifics of the matter, also gives them the opportunity to quickly and adequately respond in real situations.

Working with ‘Harder Logistic’ has given us the foundation for content knowledge and the opportunity to test and expand these skills in the process of practice. Over the last few years, we have gained diverse experience in the dynamic course of our work with established names in the industry such as ‘Fendt’, ‘Cartago’, ‘Vavious’ and ‘Ixetic’.

The cooperation with the above companies, which lasted more than a year, suggested the idea that here, in Bulgaria, the service we offer is not just missing, but is also impossible without foreign mentorship, due to lack of know-how and in-depth knowledge of process details in industrial moving. This is what gave us the confidence that we can offer this already investigated, researched and tested abroad service on the local market. Our aim: final result of the work done to meet your expectations, complying with the requirements set at the beginning of the project. You set the goals, and we organize and do the work from beginning to end. Choosing Industrial Moving, you save time and money, because this does not distract you and the employees you have hired from their main responsibilities. The activity of your people is focused on the right place, and we do our job. This optimizes and increases the quality of the side project you are working on – moving machines. You do not waste production time and you earn co-operators who will start and finish the work no later than the set deadlines.

Packing and preparation of transport equipment

Disinfection of machine before installation – additional measures against the spread of COVID-19.

We take all measures during our work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The health of our employees and customers is most important.

Loading a horizontal injection moulding machine

Machines packing

Machines packing for maritime transport

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